Shhh! Secrets!

    • Side passion: I’m a total music junkie. I frequently go to live shows, attend several music festivals a year and occasionally DJ with my husband. If you’re into electronic, check out my soundcloud page here.
    • Exercise routine: I’ve been hula hooping for about 6 years.
    • Personal mantra: Push yourself to be a little weirder everyday. I was frighteningly shy as a child and I’ve been on a mission to change that ever since. One way of ‘curing’ this has been to push myself everyday with my outward appearance as that is the easiest form of self expression for me. This is why I love prints so much. They’re the most simplistic way to be loud without overthinking it.
    • Bucket list recommendation: I highly recommend going out to the bars wearing a wig (and not just on Halloween). It’s liberating.
    • Heroes: Growing up my idols were always female musicians. I loved the irreverent, independent women who think outside the box ( Joan Jett, Grace Slick and Shirley Manson, to name a few). 
    • Home state: I grew up in Wisconsin and studied Textile and Apparel Design at the University of Wisconsin-Madison before attending FIT. Madison is a good place to think clearly and get things done.
    • Current state: namnamnam. I could go for dinner round 2.